Business description

Criterion : 6.1
Test : 6.1.d
Test description : Chaque lien composite sans titre de lien est-il explicite hors contexte ?
Level :

Technical description

Scope :
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The a tags with a href attribute, no title, containing text and something else directly under it.


On each selected tag, check that concatenation of text content of tag and content of alt attributes under it does not belong to the black list and belongs to the white list.

If it belongs to the black list, the result is FAILED, a remark is added to the node.

If it belongs to the white list, the result is PASSED.

If it does not belong to any of the lists, the result is NEED_MORE_INFO.

The results of the check are stored as intermediate results.


The analysis algorithm used here is AND between the temporary results.

The errors found are reported for each tag with the standard message : «BlackListedValue», or «VerifyValue».


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