Tanaguru behind a proxy

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If the server is configured to access the web through a proxy, you should set the following variables in the /etc/tgol/tgol.conf:

Parameters for the proxy configuration
Parameter Description
proxyHost URL or IP address of the proxy
proxyPort port to connect to the proxy (typically 3128)
proxyExclusionUrl list of URL patterns to access directly (bypassing the proxy)

The proxyExclusionUrl variable is defined to exclude some URL (using a pattern definition) from the proxy configuration. Multiple patterns can be defined separated by a ";". It can be used this way :

# Examples for $proxyExclusionUrl:
#  proxyExclusionUrl=
#  proxyExclusionUrl=;localhost;myhost;
#  proxyExclusionUrl=myhost
#  proxyExclusionUrl=mydomain.com
#  proxyExclusionUrl=internalhost;mydomain.com