AW22 Rule 4.22.1


This test consists in checking whether each time-based media and each non time-based media defined with an <object>, an <embed> or an <applet> tag is supported by assistive technologies

Business description

Criterion :


Test :


Test description :

Does each time-based media and each non time-based media that is inserted via a Object, Applet or Embed tag pass one of the conditions below (except in special cases)?

  • The name, role, value, setting and status changes of the interface components are accessible to assistive technologies via an accessibility API
  • An alternative that is supported by an accessibility API allows to access to the same functionalities
Level :

Technical description

Scope :
Decision level :



Selection1 : All the <embed>, <applet> and <object> tags (embed, applet, object)


The selection handles the process.

For each occurence of the Selection1 raise a MessageA

MessageA : Check Manually the elements
  • code :ManualCheckOnElements
  • status: NMI
  • parameter : snippet
  • present in source : yes



Selection is empty (The page has neither <object>, nor <applet> nor <embed> tag)


The selection is not empty


We detect the elements of the scope of the test to determine whether the test is applicable.

On latest webdev data set (2013-10-30, 78,000 pages), the test scope (embed, applet, object) has been found on 6795 pages, i.e on 8.7% of the pages