AW21 Rule 9.1.2


This test consists in checking the relevancy of the headings hierarchy.

Business description

Criterion :


Test :


Test description :

On each Web page, is the hierarchy between the headings (h tags) relevant?

Level :

Technical description

Scope :
Decision level :



Set1 : All the <Hx> tags where x is comprise between 1 and 6

  • used nomenclature : none
  • reference : none


We assume that the index of the first encountered <Hx> tag represents the index of reference for the document.

Test1 : We check that the difference between the index of two following elements of Set1 is not superior or equal to 2.

Test2 : We check that the index of each element of Set1 is not inferior to the index of reference.

  • used nomenclature : none
  • reference : none


  • NA : The page has no <H> tag
  • Failed : Test1 or Test2 return false for at least one element of Set1
  • Passed : Test1 or Test2 return true for all the elements of Set1
  • Message :
  1. code : HeaderTagNotHierarchicallyWelldefined
  2. status: Failed
  3. case : For each element returning false in Test1 or Test2
  4. parameter : tag name
  5. present in source : yes


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