AW21 Rule 10.4.1


Check wether a forbidden unit is present in all CSS (inline, with style tag, or linked with link tag)

Business description

Criterion :


Test :


Test description :

In the style sheets of the Web site, non relative units (pt, pc, mm, cm, in) must not be used for media types screen, tv, handheld, projection. Does this rule have been followed?

Level :

Technical description

Scope :
Decision level :



Set1 : All the css Rules whose media is "screen", "tv", "handheld" or "projection".

Used nomenclature
  • MediaListNotAcceptingRelativeUnits


Test1 : Check if the css Rules of Set1 contains a forbidden unit (pt, pc, mm, cm, in)

Used nomenclature
  • RelativeCssUnits


  • Passed : No css rule of Set1 contains a forbidden element (Test1 returns false for all the elements of Set1)
  • Failed : At least one element of Set1 contains a forbidden element (Test1 returns true for at least one ement of Set1)
  • Message :
  1. code : BadUnitType
  2. status: Failed
  3. case : For each element containing a forbidden unit
  4. parameter : tag name
  5. present in source : yes


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